Monday, 28 December 2015

My Christmas//2015

 This year, My family had Christmas at my Aunty Anna's house!
It was a nice Summer's day, not too hot and not too cold. We arrived at 10:30am with our contributions, and settled in.
I asked my Mum to Braid my hair as I hadn't had a chance to style it in the morning, so she did, and it turned out like this:
(Note: The silver ribbons are from the christmas crackers we had popped after lunch. 
I made them into bows on bobby pins and stuck them in myself.)

After a few minutes, we all sat down and started passing around and opening our gifts in a fairly orderly way, as opposed to other years when it's just hectic.

Soon after opening our presents, My Cousin Jacinta wanted to get a family photo with all our cousins together.
(apart from our cousin Isabella, who couldn't make it due to being in Fiji at the time!oh, and Haydn! Jacinta's Brother! Sorry Haydn!)

This is one with just us girls. 

This is my cousin Faith. she is the eldest of Anna's 4 children.
She has just graduated from Primary school, and will be in high school next year!
(They grow up so fast!)

After the "family photos" Grace and Melody wanted to try out their new bubble machine! 
Photos below:

Melody, The youngest cousin, and Anna's 4th child.
She is also Mine, and Jacinta's Goddaughter. 

 This is Grace. She is the second youngest cousin, and Anna's 3rd Child.

 Faith and Jacinta in a jungle of Bubbles.

 Melody watching Grace play with her new toy.

 A few more Phtos of Melody playing with her bubbles!

 Here's Faith "Blowing" the bubbles. (‘◇’)?

 This is a photo I took from underneath the bubbles into the sky! They are so colourful.

 Here's Gidget (mum's dog), bummed out cause she didn't get anything. 

 Wondering where Melody was, we found her chilling out under the lunch table.

 Anna made this amazing Pavlova with the Thermomix!

 Grandad made his yearly Christmas dessert, the Trifle! 

After Lunch, it was time for Justin and I to visit his side of the family!
I forgot to take photos, but we had a great time and it was lovely to see everyone.

Which was your favourite photo?

Thank's for reading 
- Love, Prettycurse xoxo